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Why Invest in a Family Album - 16 feb, 2017
Every parent’s nightmare is their children will grow up in the blink of an eye and they will miss the important moments. While many claim the family photo album is dead, we are here to argue for the timeless treasure. With technology enabling products like photo books that are digitally printed and easy to store, family albums are the way of the future. Social media may come and go (gone are the days of MySpace), but a photo book will keep your family memories safe for years to come.
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All You Need to Know About Wedding Albums - 13 feb, 2017
With smartphones and the internet, you have access to thousands of photos from your big day. But when you want to share the memories with others, a wedding album can make it easy. Once you decide you want a wedding album, you have a few more decisions to make: the size of the book, album cover types and designs, paper materials, etc. To take the stress out of the big day, here’s a comprehensive guide about all those little decisions.
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Tell Your Story Through Images - 09 feb, 2017
Your wedding day will come and go so quickly. While it may seem like a lifetime of decisions have to be made before that day, you don’t want to miss the fairy tale. Collecting images and memories along the way will allow you to use your wedding album to not only share the memory of the ceremony but of the whole experience. Let your photographer take you on the journey from invitation to “I dos” to the farewell. Here are a few can’t miss moments you will want to include!
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Wedding Books vs. Wedding Albums: What to Choose for your Big Day - 08 feb, 2017
As you begin wedding planning, there are a lot of big decisions you have to make. It can be stressful deciding every last detail, especially when you don't have someone helping you along and giving you information you need. When planning for photography at your wedding, there is obviously the decision on if you should have a photographer and what to do with all those photos?
A popular choice is arranging them in a carefully designed album. But, what type of album do you want? Do you know the differences between the two: photo album or photo book?
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Five Tips for the Perfect Baby Photo Album - 6 feb, 2017
Your child is your most precious in whole world, but they won't be around forever. Time flies, they grow so fast and let's face it, people forget.
Over the years, photo albums are a great way capture that moment forever, to remember, over the years, those early moments when a child is such a blessing to a family.
In Today's world, when every smartphone has a great camera and information is at your fingertips, you have no excuse not to make one. Go over out tips and start taking those pictures right now.
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