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Adding backgrounds to spreads - 13 feb, 2018
How to add a custom color to a spread as background and how to create a background from a photo.
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How to master the spread editor - Tips and Tricks - 1 dec, 2017
Steps involved in creating an original photo album spread. Keyboard key combinations, mouse actions, tips&tricks on manipulating photos on a page.
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Creating your first album - 16 aug, 2016
Learn how to define your first album project with Moments. We will take you step-by-step along the creation process and explain the best we can what every option and setting does so you get get the most out of this album designer. The end result of this tutorial article will be a fresh new album ready for your photos.
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The Image Library - 18 aug, 2016
The image library is an important element in creating a design and makes images easier to manage. Find out more about this element, how to use it and what each image thumb indicator icon means by reading this article.
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Album Page/Spread Editor - 19 aug, 2016
The page/spread editor is where the magic happens. Learn how to add images, text, set alignments, add borders, image effects and more by going through this article.
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Album Preview/Manager - 22 aug, 2016
A brief description about the album preview section, how to arrange the pages/spreads in a project, how to delete or create new ones.
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Exporting album pages/spreads - 23 aug, 2016
When you feel that the album design is done and everything is in order you are ready to export your creation. Find out what each option stands for and how many types of exports there are.
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Working with templates - 8 aug, 2016
Starting with version 1.03, Moments introduces spread templates as another fast and easy way of arranging your photos. Use already made templates or design yourself exciting new ones, either way, it's a real time saver.
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Using clipping masks on photos - 17 aug, 2017
Moments introduces photo mask effects as another way of making your albums look more original and professional. Find out how to use them and how to make your own masking effects.
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Applying overlay effects on photos - 31 jan, 2017
Moments now supports overlays. Find out how to use overlays in your design. Choose from snow, dust, light effects, soap bubbles and more.
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Adding frames on photos - 1 feb, 2017
Moments supports photo frames and other similar effects.
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