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Moments Designer

Moments is a full featured album designer for both professional and amateur photographers, with a clean, without extraneous distractions, drag and drop layout. We let the images tell the story.
*) exporting the album is disabled in demo version
apple mac running moments

  Moments is Easy to Use

Create a professional album in minutes without any photo editing knowledge, thanks to our easy and efficient drag and drop process: define the album's dimensions, add cover and single first/last pages if needed, add photos in library and start the design.

  Try Before You Buy

Similar to other popular design software out there, you have the option to try out the latest version of the software before purchasing. Download using the links below. The trial version lacks the ability to export, other than that, the process of designing is the same as in the full version.

Limited time offer

One time payment of 49$ no annual/monthly extra fees, no hidden costs, through PayPal. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, you can ask for a refund withing 30 days of your purchase. Send us an email with the necessary details and we'll refund you within 2-3 business days. No worries.
  How to make proffesional looking layouts for your albums?

From an album creation wizard, to templates and layouts, to complete design freedom, to multiple ways to export your project, Moments is made to help you create the photo book of your dreams. It is obvious it was designed with the end user in mind because not only are there so many options, it is easy to do no matter what path you decide to take. Don't take our words for it, check it yourself and see how you can make a beautiful wedding album design in under ten minutes, watch the video. Scoll down below for more layouts.

  I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Too many photographers don't enjoy making photo albums because this can be so time-consuming not to mention frustrating. Also, most album layout software do not really provide you with the features that make your job that much easier. It can take a long time to look for the perfect template. It’s really hard to realign pictures.

  Well, it turns out, there's an easy way...

A photo is worth a thousand words, as they say, but, if they live on your phone or the digital world they cannot be fully appreciated. Easily take your images out of cyberspace and off your camera by creating a photo album. But once you decide to create an album, you need the right tools.

If you want an easy-to-use album design application, Moments is by far the best choice for anyone from the novice family photographer to someone taking professional photos. You can personalize any album to meet you or your customers’ wishes. It is so easy to use, anyone can use the software to design albums and photo books, not just professional photographers.

  What’s the real story? See what others say about Moments:
photodoto website logo
Moments is the best wedding album design software for those on a tight budget. You have full control of any design you are making, whether it is a cover or the album’s last page. You can select from various styles. The first time I've used it, I found myself getting work done in a shorter time than I would do using several types of software. I cut the time I usually spend designing in half.
Photodoto on
iconshots website logo
The market is desperate for great collage software for the user to download and start creating stunning photo albums. With a host of software available it can be hard to know where to look. Well, look no further! Let me introduce you to Byte Ignite’s Moments. This incredibly user friendly, quick to download and easy to pick up is the best professional album design software for photographers. It’s perfect for either the home user or a wedding photographer needing some reliable software in order to deliver a superb product to their clients. With such ease you’ll be able to throw together an album for your clients in no time. You can offer a first rate service and high quality product with Byte Ignite Moments. You’ll leave your clients smiling with a first rate physical representation of their beloved day that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. It just doesn’t get easier."
Iconshots on
apogeephoto website logo
A few years back, building photo albums used to be a little of a headache due to some of the photo design software that was available. Even those available then were just too complicated to be used by amateur photographers. This all changed once I discovered Moments Designer. Through my experience, I found it to be among the affordable design software for beginner photographers who are just starting out or those on a tight budget. You are going to be able to have full control of any design you are making, whether it is cover or the album’s last page. Select from various styles that are suitable with the manufacturer.
Apogee Photo Magazine on
  What about our customers? What do they think about our product?
gianny events thumb
I have been a professional photographer and videographer for the last five years now and using the right tool for the job is crucial in my opinion. From the start, let me say that I am familiar with a whole bunch of software tools from video editing programs to the latest image touch up tools.
But this software is the best addition to my portfolio and have been using it ever since I've bought it. I have created some great anniversaries and weddings albums at a fraction of the time it took me before, painstakingly stitching images together in photo collage. Not to mention at what price. It blew the competition out of the market.
Gianny Marian at Gianny Events

  Features and Specifications

To many photographers, the album they create is the final product that they hand over to their customers. The pictures aren’t hidden on a hard drive or an online storage system; they exist in the real world now.
Moments presents a highly intuitive wedding photo album layout software with great tools and features to make it possible to come up with remarkable memories about your most cherished moments. Creating your first album is a breeze. With this handy application, you don’t just get to create photo albums and collages, but it also allows designing images for beauty and fashion magazines, coffee table books plus much more.

Moments is the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable album designer. Period. We offer a better alternative to more popular titles like Fundy, Smart Albums and others alike.

You have full control of the design, from the cover to the last page of the album. Choose from different styles that work best with your manufacturer: the cover is optional as well as single first and last pages. The export process is flexible as well. You can export ready to print, as full spreads, but you have the option to export as single pages if your print shop needs it like that. Low resolution export is also possible by exporting as proofs, you determine the width and height for a perfect match to any local or online proofing gallery of your choice. Dealing with your clients has never been easier.
Example of an album spread designed with Moments Designer for a wedding event.
Modern album layout created with the best album design software

The album creation wizard walks you through the basics of the album: dimension, album type, cover style, etc. By having the album basics done for you, you won’t have to worry about how the album is laid out and can focus on the images. All of the images for the project are stored in an image library, specific to the album so you don’t have to sift through all of your photos to find the one you are looking for. Everything is easy to find.

When working on your fist album, we walk you through the process step-by-step and explain every option and setting you have available to you. Everyone using this product has a different amount of experience and expertise with photography and image editing software which is why the software is designed to try to make it as easy as possible so no one is left behind.

Your album will be so polished, none of your friends will believe it wasn’t completed by a professional. And if you are a professional photographer, Moments makes it easy to “wow” your clients with immaculate craftsmanship.

Baby shoting and album page layout created by one of our customers.
Another slide designed with moments

Moments is an album creation software for both professional and amateur photographers but also a great tool for making photo collages, coffee table magazines and much more. Classic layouts with multiple design choices flow naturally and your photos really stand out.

With templates, you are given easy to use patterns and you just have to drag and drop in your images. There are hundreds of high quality templates to personalize your album to your wishes.

And because it is a template, you don’t have to worry about the layout of the images as much. Just drag and drop. If you can play Solitaire on a computer, you can create a dazzling photo album for any occasion.

Many of the templates include space for text so if you want to include information about the images, a story, and special words, there is spaced already built in to make it easy to do. You can easily experiment with different layout and pick the best option for your images and text. Adding unique quotes that match your style and personality is a great way immortalize that big moment. From serious to humorous, put a fresh twist on your stationery items and signage. Text and images work seamlessly together creating stunning design possibilities. Font styles, sizes and colors are all available and easy to use.

Beautiful wedding design with text quote in the middle of the spread.
Text and image page

All of the pictures are on different layers so they are easy to manage and organize. The easy drag and drop feature is a lifesaver and makes album creation a breeze, no matter your level of experience. If you are a mom, creating a baby album for your newborn or a professional photographer creating your hundredth wedding album this year, the features make it easy to personalize your project to meet your needs.

Moments even preserved the photo ratio so you don’t have to worry about your images getting distorted as you perfect the layout of each page. You can easily crop your images, too, to fit your design. Crop aspect ratios are part of the software for original, 1:1, 3:2, horizontal or vertical dimensions.

Today's events are all about personalization. Adding unique quotes that match your style and personality is a great way immortalize that big moment. From serious to humorous, put a fresh twist on your stationery items and signage. Text and images work seamlessly together creating stunning design possibilities. Font styles, sizes and colors are all available and easy to use.

You can also add professional filters and overlays with a few clicks. You can easily adjust luminosity and contrast to make different aspects stand out, apply different effects such as black and white, sepia and blur until your pictures match the vision you have in your head.

Add overlays like snow, dust, soap bubbles, light effects and more to personalize your image. You can adjust every picture or just one on a layout; all of the personalization is up to you. The software is so easy to use, it allows you to create layouts and spreads only limited by your creativity and imagination. You have full creative freedom to amaze your customers and bring in new ones.

Whatever you decide, Moments makes it easy. The software also lets you set alignments; add borders and more so you can translate the exact vision in your head onto paper.

Some of the overlay effects that Moments Designer can apply to photos.
overlay effects applied by moments designer to photos
Creating a well-designed layout that looks good and has a lot of content is a very difficult task. Magazine-style designs are a popular choice. Experiment with text and image layouts to achieve that professional look.
Your spreads have never looked more beautiful.
Magazine style page layout.
another album magazine layout

The best part of the software is that it is not just designed for wedding albums. Sure, it works great to showcase your stunning photos from your big day. But it always works for other album styles including photo collages, coffee table books, baby books, family photo albums and more.

Once you are happy with the finished album, it is easy to export and send to the printer. Printers prefer different style files for albums, and you have options on how to export your project. You can export the full album or specific pages as a spread, two pages per file like when you open a book, or a split, with one page per file.

If you are a photographer and wanting to show your client the album in progress, you can export proofs and give them a sample to better understand how the project is transforming.

You can also save money by using Moments because you don’t have to invest in fancy photo editing classes and photographers. If you are trying to keep your wedding or special event on a tight budget, Moments makes photo albums easy for you. It is only a one-time payment of 49$ proving its ease of use, even in just purchasing the software. There is a free trial if you want to try it out and make sure the application can translate your vision onto paper.

And because no experience with photography or image editing is needed to use the software, your album will turn out stunning with the easy-to-use templates and photo editing features. It doesn't get any better than that.

  Tutorials & Resources

Applying overlay effects on photos
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Working with templates
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Exporting pages/spreads
blog article 14 preview imageWhen you feel that the album design is done and everything is in order you are ready to export your creation. Find out what each option stands for and how many types of exports there are.
Album Preview/Manager
blog article 13 preview imageA brief description about the album preview section, how to arrange the pages/spreads in a project, how to delete or create new ones.
Album Page/Spread Editor
blog article 12 preview imageThe page/spread editor is where the magic happens. Learn how to add images, text, set alignments, add borders, image effects and more by going through this article.
The Image Library
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Creating your first album
blog article 1 preview imageLearn how to define your first album project with Moments. We will take you step-by-step along the creation process and explain the best we can what every option and setting does so you get get the most out of this album designer. The end result of this tutorial article will be a fresh new album ready for your photos.
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